(Made in Small Batches in California)

CAL-SI-MAG 3-0-0

Cal-Si-Mag is the original Cal-Mag fused with bio-available silica! The patented formula increases nutrient uptake, aids in cell division, bolstered cell walls, increased chlorophyll levels, and enhanced root mass. Our Cal-Si-Mag contains a vast array of elements which aid in pH availability, minimizing calcium or magnesium deficiencies in most growing applications.


Grow Genius is our premium all-in-one plant food with essential minerals, carbohydrates, suspended in molasses. Grow Genius is a tonic that aids in vigorous plant growth. It is designed to be the most advanced plant tonic available on the market today


Living Genius is a concentrated compost tonic of horse, cow and poultry manure with minerals. This base nutrient formulation delivers with proper nutrition to support Soil Born Organisms. Living Genius is specifically designed to be used in the soil, coco and soilless applications. It works great in drip systems, micro jets and other types of fertigation systems.


Bud Bloom is a powerful yet gentle grow stimulator that promotes soil and grow media life by working within its own natural ecosystem. Bud Bloom can be the essential all-in-one tool you can utilize to optimize grow media, root and fruit health.


GENIUS P/K 0.6-9-6

Genius P/K is a primary source for carbohydrates, phosphorus and potassium that aids in a denser flower and healthier root zone.

Our premium blend of natural /conventional hybrid inputs to deliver a direct boost of primary nutrients while providing aminos, humic acids, natural carbohydrates and beneficial microbes for media symbiosis.

A 100% water soluble fertilizer program specifically designed for cannabis, containing significant amounts of secondary elements necessary for heavy feeding and fast growing crops.