How to Create a New Cannabis Strain

New cannabis strains pop up so often it can make your head spin. But how do you create a new strain of cannabis, anyway? Here’s a general overview.

First, figure out which two strains of cannabis you would like to combine. You need a female plant and male plant to breed, with the female plant producing the most traits in the new strain.That being said, the male plant will still carry over its genetic material, so pick two plants that combine well together as a strain. Characteristics like growth rates; plant size, smell and color; and THC/CBD production capability are all things to consider. Because you only harvest female plants, decide which males you like by considering their development and pollination production capabilities. 

Once you select your plants, place one male plant with several female plants in a breeding chamber. A chamber is an enclosed, sterile space. The male plant’s pollen will spread throughout this chamber and pollinate the female, which will ultimately produce seeds with genetic material from both plants. 

Just like two children from the same set of parents have different traits, so will each of these seeds. To ensure that each seed from this combination carries the same traits, select one of the female plants and grow their seeds to produce female and male plants. Then go through the breeding process again but with the offspring from that one seed-type. 

The process of creating a new strain of cannabis can continue by pollinating these plants with their parent plant. This strengthens the seed so that every plant that grows from it produces the same characteristics. Because you want your seed to be as genetically strong as possible, this process can take months or years to perform.

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